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Director of Operations

Michael Barnhart is the founder of There Has To Be More Ministries, or as he prefers to say it, the director of operations for the ministry that God placed before him.  
The vision for this ministry was dropped into Michael's heart in August of 2010. 
During a transitional time in his business life, the Lord awakened him with the outline for how the ministry was to be fulfilled. Although the start was slow, the vision has not dimmed and we are seeing the fruition of the dream.   
The idea that all churches can work together as one body to show God's love to a hurting world is a dream bigger than any one man, but we know this dream is not bigger than our God.  
There Has To Be More Ministries is not in the business of promoting any one church or denomination as long as they are teaching the Word of God.  

We believe the scripture when it says: "If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, You Will Be Saved"  Romans 10:9 Not everyone accepts all of the gifts He has to offer us, but we all love the same father and are part of the same family. 


To use our finances and donated items to satisfy community needs.
  • Home goods and clothing can be utilized within our community for those who have been through a devastating loss, such as: flood, fire, divorce, illness, job loss, or death of a loved one.
  • A percentage of items donated is clothing. Clothing can be delivered to families in immediate need or, if it is damaged or stained, it can be cut and transformed into for quilts for families in need of warmth and comfort.

To be a beacon of hope for our community and a blueprint for other small communities.

It is our sincere desire to partner with All denominations so requests for assistance can be brought through our partner churches, thereby opening doors for physical and spiritual needs to be met at the same time. 


"Bear Hugs" is a part of our ministry created to help relieve children from the stress of a fearful situation, if for only a moment, as family adults sit down to discuss the needs with members of our care team.

The attention of children is diverted by a volunteer with teddy bears, stuffed animals, and playtime.  
The plush animals are left on site with each of the children as a reminder that people do care and that they are loved and important.

*If you can provide stuffed animals, please contact Suzanne Barnhart by email or Facebook Messenger to set up a date/time for delivery or pick up.

Who We Are:
Michael D Barnhart
Director of Operations
Suzanne D Barnhart
Karen Urbina
Bilingual Liason

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