Building a Better Community Through
Community Involvement 

Prayer & Support

Wisdom for those in Government 

Safety for all who serve our country-Military, Fire, Police

The Peace of Jerusalem  

J.G.-The courage to finish what needs to be completed

T.M.-Complete physical healing

B.S.-Spinal leakage and E-Coli infection 

J.D.-Back issues and eyes

J.W-A job and peace in life's current situation

M.W.-Grief, mother has passed away after surgery

J.G.-Breast Cancer

There Has To Be More Ministries-Finances & Volunteers
R. C.-Sale of home, healing, and peace/joy

Cindy-Breast Cancer

M. B.-High blood pressure and business to
pick up

S.W.-Finances and grace

G. D.-Business to Pick Up

S.B.-Multiple unspoken and her small business

I.W.-Healing and peace


A.D.-Depression and addiction

Anonymous-Lost his way, searching, confused

L.M.-Breast Cancer
Do You Need Prayer?

How Can I Help? 
Every company, every ministry, needs support.  We are no different. However, the great thing about working with There Has To Be More Ministries is that your donation stays right here in our community, right here in the Lake Cities area.  It does not take much time or energy.  We take gently worn clothing and shoes, furniture you no longer use, those canned and boxed food items you've decided you really aren't going to eat after all. 
Just as important as the finances and supplies, we need your prayer. This too, takes only a few moments of time-a quick word during your devotional time, a bow of the head while paying bills or writing a check, or just while deciding how much to donate online.  
It's quick, easy, and very much appreciated by those anonymous neighbors who see the love of their community.
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